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A little word about Minster Andy Ford and his three-week course 'Beginners Guide to Palmistry'

(and why we thoroughly recommend it!)

Minister Andy Ford has many years' experience in reading palms and was trained by a Master Palmist at the College of Psychic Studies in London where he has read at their open days

Alongside being an accomplished palmist, Andy holds an Advanced Diploma in platform presentation and is an accomplished medium and tarot card reader, working predominantly in the south of England as well as internationally.

Andy has demonstrated his mediumship abilities within Spiritualist churches, venues within the south of England, and has run workshops and courses on mediumship, tarot and palmistry in holistic centres and venues around the World. He has also been contracted in as the medium on paranormal investigation nights and has written for an on-line ezine the Paranormal Press. If you want to read more about Andy (or our other tutors), click here

Here's a few words from Andy on what to expect from his upcoming course

'Beginners Guide to Palmistry' in March 2023

"The course will delve into the DNA of who you are. Your palm contains information about your life journey,

your character and personality. It will show the talents that you naturally have and the ones that you have learnt.

The course will take you through each stage enabling you to gain information from the hands by decoding things like the

palm size, finger segments and the detail within the lines within a hand. You will be able to use the hand to look at the persons

potential for the future, enabling them to gain a view of their future for them to think about. Within the reading you will utilise the scientific approach and also the intuition to provide a reading for the sitter. You will be provided

with documentation that will take you through the reading step by step, enabling you to follow practice the reading after the course.

The course when complete will enable you to do a 30 minute reading for a sitter."

As most palmistry classes/courses are in person, this is unique opportunity to learn the grass roots from an experienced accredited tutor in the comfort of your own home. Andys' down to earth sense of humour, teaching style and approach to his discipline creates a relaxed atmosphere which supports learners to get the best from the course material and of course, themselves.