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Qualifications in Mediumship, the Psychic Sciences & Non-Denominational Spiritual Ministry

Many people from all walks of life & from many different religions have the gift of mediumship. We wanted a community where people could come to & feel secure in their beliefs, but also to be able to study Spiritual disciplines without having to change their religious or life beliefs.

Our community consists of three companies that work closely together. You can visit the websites of the other two companies by clicking on the links below. These companies are:

a. Fox Pioneer Centre (Classes and Courses)

Started in 2020, Fox Pioneer Centre offers online and in person classes and courses in many aspects of mediumship developments. We are based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

b. TSFellowship (Training & Qualifications):

Set up in 2017, TSFellowship offers courses in Spiritual disciplines that were accredited by an Ofqual recognised awarding body, Focus Awards.
Our courses are at Level 2, 3 & most recently Level 4.
All information on the accredited courses can be found on the TSFellowship website below.

c. Become a Minister through
The Association of Independent Spiritual Ministers:

The Association of Independent Spiritual Ministers was set up to
form a Spiritual Community no matter what race, religion or creed,
where people can come together from all faiths & discuss Spirituality.
Our members can practice Spiritual disciplines & voice their opinions, without having to change their religion or philosophy, in a safe environment without judgement. 

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