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Martin Colclough

Martin has been a working medium for over 20 years. He teaches internationally in Australia, Canada & across Europe. He likes to bring humour with his teaching, which relaxes the students,  this relaxed teaching style encourages students to work to their maximum potential. He loves to see his students succeed & progress along their individual pathways.

Nicola Shortland-Neal AMTSF

Nicola is an experienced medium & tutor working professionally since 2006 serving Spiritualist churches, public demonstrations, & teaching mediumship development both in the UK & Australia. Nicola loves to help students realise their own potential through gentle nurturing, helping them believe in themselves & taking them to the point where their own Spirit team can take over.

Currently holding a level 2 qualification in Mediumship with TS Fellowship she has a special passion for philosophy & healing. Nicola is currently studying for her qualification to be non-denominational minister.

Using her sensitivities to assess her students, Nicola also brings heart, soul & structure into her teaching, bringing the best out of her students, helping them excel in both ability & confidence; making all feel completely at ease with her easy-going good, humoured manner.

Her relaxed heartfelt down to earth personality puts students at ease encouraging them to explore their innate sensitivities. She adores witnessing students 'aha' moments when they have breakthroughs within their development.

Bev Mann

Bev Mann is a Spiritual Medium of over 15 years and lives in London, UK. She has an internationally renowned reputation for her teaching and guidance within workshops and development groups, supporting many students on their spiritual journey, which she believes should encompass the whole package - mind, body and spirit.

Bev trained extensively at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in the UK and also mentored under several highly respected inspirers of Spiritualism. She completed a Teacher Training Mentorship programme with Tony Stockwell and has been teaching and running her own workshops and seminars for many years.

Bev is well known for her compassionate, modern, down to earth approach and works truly from the Heart. She was indeed given the name ‘Mediumship from the Heart’ many years ago by her peers direct from the spirit world.

Teaching is her true passion and she has dedicated her time to help others unfold their spiritual gifts by inspiring them to deliver meaningful ‘messages from the heart’. Bev is extremely patient and works with students to help overcome confidence issues, guiding them to trust and have faith in their connection to spirit. She encourages her students to work with their own unique style, allowing the communication to take place in its most natural form.

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