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What our valued students have to say about developing and studying through Fox Pioneer Centre

"Thank-you for what turned out to be a very unusual and quite emotional session.
I have never experienced anything quite like this morning's meditation.”

~ Elwyn, UK

"Very high quality, loved everything about it.  Good clear communication in a welcoming, warm and safe environment."

~ Dagmar, Germany

“Feel at home, safe and more relaxed with staff, members and attendees of the Centre. I sensed a very supportive energy as soon as I enter the website for a session.

Fox Pioneer Centre will be a memory I shall cherish.”

~ Vincent Adika, UK

“The course prices are great value for money!”

~ Roula Bray, UK

~ Paula Deeming, UK

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and I would like to do follow on ones”

“Looking forward to more excellent courses.”

~ Dagmar Hoffman, Germany

“Excellent course and value for money”

~ Arthur Luscombe

“Always a good experience with Fox Pioneer Centre. “

~ Elwyn Jones, UK

Never Miss Out Again...

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