Wonderful Wednesdays Online Divine Service

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*Demonstrating mediums can change without notice

Wonderful Wednesdays Online Divine Services are designed to bring Spiritualism into peoples' living rooms via prayer, inspirational readings, philosophy (address), links and messages from those in the Spirit World.
Our services are every Wednesday morning 10am UK time. We also have regular open platforms for fledgling mediums or those that wish to practice in a safe and nurturing environment


Are you a fledgling or working medium interested in serving our church?

Join our church.
For £5.00 per annum, enjoy 10% off your first course with Fox Pioneer Centre and 5% thereafter. 

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Official Services

All services will be online and can either be public within Wonderful Wednesdays Online Divine Service or arranged privately for you and family and friends only, all conducted by an official Spiritualist minister.

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The price for the services is as follows:


- Private service with family and friends  - £80.00 GBP (includes the preparation and any certificates that come with the service.)

 - Publicly sharing the occasion with the other members of our Wonderful Wednesdays Online Divine Service 

 £50.00 GBP (includes the preparation and any certificates that come with the service.)

Naming Ceremony
Naming Ceremony

Naming's of Adults and Children This service is for those who wish to be named in their Spiritual Religions way. If required, this includes your Spirit given name.

Friendship Blessing
Friendship Blessing

Friendship Blessing This service is offered to friends who would like a blessing on their friendship, celebrating the important presence in each other's lives

Memorial Ceremony
Memorial Ceremony

Memorial Services This service is for those members who would like a memorial service for a loved one, friend, or even a pet who is in the Spirit World. It is a beautiful way of remembering them and ensuring their name lives on.

Wedding Blessing
Wedding Blessing

Wedding Blessings This service is for Married Couples, including same sex Marriages who would like their vows renewed and a blessing upon their relationship/ marriage.

For more information and to arrange your unique tailor-made service of celebration