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A warm welcome dear friend,
I'm Minister Nicola Shortland-Neal, co-founder, CEO and proud owner of Fox Pioneer Centre Spiritual Community.


Even though I am a Spiritualist, I recognise and believe the gift of mediumship is separate from any religious faith which can each be fostered and nurtured independently of one another.


Therefore, it was my dream to create a respectful heart based non-denominational spiritual community that would cater for all that wish to explore and excel within their exploration into psychism and mediumship development, to discover their unique service to the glorious Spirit World, whilst providing a safe nurturing platform to practice what's learnt.

As the language of the soul and Spirit World is complete love, that is the foundation laid for our community to thrive.

I invite you to satisfy your curiosity and have a look around our site and subscribe to our mailing list below. Any questions, click here to ask.

Much love, Minister Nicola Shortland-Neal

AMTSF, Prof. Member of AISM

We have a range of different opportunities to support and enhance you on your spiritual journey.​

  • Marvellous Mondays Online Divine Service

  • Online After Service Open Development Circle*Depending on our serving medium

  • Online Evenings of Mediumship

  • Casual Classes and Courses


  • COMING SOON - Online formal qualifications in mediumship, ministership and other aspects of the psychic sciences.

  • Online Shop selling a miscellanea of spiritual goods


We welcome learners from all faiths and religions therefore all aspects of learning are spiritual in nature but non-denominational in focus

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Never Miss Out Again...

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