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Whoa, what a ride 2024 has been so far! *trigger warning - mentions passing over and funerals*

How are you? Are you ok? Are you feeling on top of the world or a bit poo? Perhaps somewhere in between; up and down like a lift?

As a side note; I can only post when I feel inspired to do so rather than constantly. TBH, that feels a bit false to me. I realise your lovely self and possibly the algorithms might like more regular content however I have to be authentic and only post when I feel the urge to do so.

So, now I've got that out of the way, here we are once again :)

It's been a funny old year so far with many reaching out in confusion over their direction and work. January to now, 1st July, has been topsy turvy for many people, from being completely upended and doing a 180 turn on their life and career path whilst the career path of others has accelerated to a warp speed with the remainder somewhere in the middle, feeling stagnant wondering 'remind me why I'm doing this again?!'

So many have passed over too (if you have experienced this, you have my absolute love and condolences). I know I've had two friends pass in the last 6 months and since being ordained in May, I have officiated at numerous funeral services already.

I'm no expert at astrology, numerology etc... however I do feel that there is a lot of change in the air right now which is turning many of us on our heads regarding our direction, questioning many aspects of the world, our environment and in turn, our own unique lives, making us ask ourselves, how do I fit into all this with a side order of what now?

Maybe it's time to harness the winds of change and have a real good look at our trajectory, making changes as necessary.

In my humble opinion, we have to do what makes our soul sing and share our gifts with the world. Whether you're comfortable with the term God or use a term like great creator or Universe in its stead, it is this creative force that has bestowed our gifts upon us and we have been given our gifts to share with humanity, be that that ability to create uplifting music, incredible art, inspiring and gripping writing or delicious food.

It is easier than ever to express ourselves and have our message listened to and whilst this is a double edged sword, we have a greater opportunity to share our gift with the world, be that through online or in person and to the level that the individual feels comfortable with.

Everything creative offers healing in one way or another and yet so many give up at the first hurdle simply because the first, second or maybe third attempt falls short to the image within our minds, of how we want or expect it to look. Thing is here, the gap between reality and expectation narrows every time it is done.

Guess what, it's also ok to chop and change your mind, to try things out and on for size. Just give it fair old go first.

This applies to everything. Very rarely do we nail it the first time and isn't it appreciated all the more when it's worked at?!

Right now, my focus love and passion are doing spiritual assessments (if you like, you can read more and book below) as these can get into the nitty gritty on what's holding you back, how your spirit team want to work with you and, most importantly, the changes you have the power to make in your life to support your spiritual potential.

How is that different to a standard 1-2-1 you may ask. A spiritual assessment is concentrated to focus on your spiritual pathway and gifts, your spirit team, how your life experiences connect to your gifts and so much more. Whilst there may be a degree of connection with your ancestors, it's only if they are guiding you within your spiritual work they will make themselves known within an assessment.

All assessments will be recorded and emailed to you for your own keeping. I also ask to do a little feedback video at the end, purely for marketing purposes.

"We have to co-create our own new beginnings"

When we own our power and move forward in our change, we automatically inspire and give permission to those around us that are also searching for their own light for when we learn ourselves, we then, by proxy teach others.

I hope I have inspired you to take that leap within yourself.

Much love to you all...

Minister Nicola Shortland-Neal


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