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A little word about Minister Martin Colclough and his four week course 'Psychism and Mediumship'

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

(and why we thoroughly recommend it!)

Alongside being the creator of The Spiritual Fellowship and Association of Independent Spiritual Ministers, Minister Martin Colclough is a good friend, co-founder and one of Fox Pioneer Centres core tutors.

Martin has taught all over the World and has been an ambassador for Spirit for over 25 years. His books 'Simply Mediumship, A Beginners Guide' and 'Simply Trance Mediumship, A Beginners Guide' are straight forward simple easy to absorb progressive exercises that are aimed at learners getting the most from their relationship with Spirit as well as their own development. If you want to read more about Martin (or our other tutors), click here

Here's a few words from Martin on what to expect from his up coming course

Psychism and Mediumship with Minister Martin Colclough

"Working psychically is often seen as a poor relation to mediumship. Generally, this is because the psychic/medium doesn’t understand the difference when they are working with one or the other.

In this course, you will begin at a psychic level and progress over the weeks to mediumship. You will be working with your fellow students, practising psychic and mediumistic exercises to enhance your ability in both disciplines. You will be working with the aura with colour and other information stored within it, giving accurate information to your recipients.

You will also be working with the Spirit World. Making a link and being able to hold that link to deliver the communication that your recipients can understand. You will learn that mediumship is a two-way intelligent communication and that you facilitate that communication.

You will make psychic links and develop them into a mediumistic communication, and by the end of the course, you will understand the difference between psychic and mediumship, and be able to use both in a professional way."

As most classes/courses are for individual levels, we recommend this marvellous four week online course as it is suitable for all levels with exercises that are tailored to suit the learners individual level of experience. Martins ease of connecting with all his students creates a relaxed atmosphere which supports learners to get the best from themselves, their connection with others and Spirit.

Martins' online four week progressive course Psychism and Mediumship starts 09 Feb 2023 with the last lesson on 02 Mar, 19:00 - 21:00 UK time

PS to ensure all learners get quality time with our tutors, we keep our online classes and courses capped at 16. To avoid disappointment, you can book your place here


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